Il vitigno Passerina takes its name from the small size of the acini and by the fact that the sparrows ate its date the grapes particularly tasty pulp. widespread in Marche,in the Piceno area,, in Abruzzo, in Emilia Romagnae nel Lazio, almost exclusively in the province of Frosinone.

Color berry: white

Region: Abruzzo

varietal characteristics:
• Leaf: medium, pentagonal, five-lobed
• Bunch: medium-large, pyramidal or conical, medium firmness almost sparse, sometimes winged
• Berry: spheroidal, uniform peel waxy, thick, substantial, yellow Production features: The Passerina vine has high vigor and time of late ripening.

Wine characteristics:The Passerina vine gives a straw yellow color with golden highlights. At noso it is fruity with hints of tropical fruit and floral with notes of broom, full and dry. Equipped with good acidity, it lends itself to both the sparkling wine that withering.

strong Denominations in which the grape variety is present:

  • Abruzzo DOC
  • Controguerra DOC
  • Controguerra DOC
  • Terre Tollesi o Tullum DOC
  • Falerio DOC
  • Terre di Offida DOC

  • Offida DOCG
  • Anagni IGT - Colli Cimini IGT - Frusinate o del Frusinate IGT - Lazio IGT
  • Colli Aprutini IGT
  • Colli del Sangro IGT
  • Colline Frentane IGT
  • Colline Pescaresi IGT
  • Colline Teatine IGT
  • del Vastese o Histonium IGT
  • Terre Aquilane o dell'Aquila IGT
  • Terre di Chieti IGT Marche: - Marche IGT

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